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About Dr. Skolnikoff

A native of San Francisco, Dr. Skolnikoff lives and practices in nearby San Rafael in Marin County, California.  With a father who was a psychiatrist, and a brother who is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a wife who is a pharmacist, he has a prominent presence as a health professional whom is sought out by many from all over the country for hard to fix health puzzles.  

His approach is very different and extremely effective.  Dr. Skolnikoff wants to “save the world” by helping people get healthy one person at a time and by educating his patients about miraculous, direct and effective Skolnikoff Method approach.

Awarded Outstanding Speaker for his talk at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia where he shared the stage with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Dr. Marc Siegel, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Evander Holyfield and Jenae Noonan

When interviewing Dr. Oz regarding Inflammation, many important things are shared with the viewer such as the tell tale signs in a person’s body when they are experiencing inflammation as well as some findings on laboratory analysis.  

After being invited to present The Skolnikoff Method at Oxford University, Dr. Skolnikoff can be seen here during the presentation

Dr. Skolnikoff Was Asked to Speak at The Royal Society of Medicine as Part of his London Tour of The Skolnikoff Method

Dr. Skolnikoff Was also Asked to Present His Skolnikoff Method New Medicine For A New You-The Inflammation Handbook at Churchill College of Cambridge: Cambridge University 

The Skolnikoff Method New Medicine For A New You on Nutrition and Trauma from The London Stock Exchange

Interview with Lord Nigel Farage, the Developer of Brexit

The Skolnikoff Method New Medicine Presentation at CNN Center in Atlanta

Dr. Skolnikoff’s Shocking Personal Experiences With Auotimmune Disease and Acne That You Won’t Want to Miss  

Dr. Skolnikoff on ABC TV Ch. 5 Discussing Juvenile Arthritis, a lesser known autoimmune disease

Playing Pool with Dog The Bounty Hunter

I met Dr. Drew for the first time at a conference for a group of doctors at CNN Center in Atlanta. Dr. Drew had great pointers for me, and I am honored to have had the opportunity to share the stage with him as a speaker. He warned me that, because the therapies that I do are so unique and non-traditional, I would need to be very clear on exactly what I do with people. He talked a lot about priorities and how important they are in life with your career and with patient care.

When the subject came up of our fathers and the father/son relationship, I was amazed at how similar his story was to my own. Like my father, Dr. Drew’s father was also a doctor. He was a family doctor. Like my father, his father was a bit confused and not very supportive of his career interests with media and radio. He couldn’t figure out what was going on with Dr. Drew when he was on the radio all of the time.

Dr. Oz has been very supportive in my expanding and promoting of the Skolnikoff Method New Medicine For A New You-The Inflammation Handbook and getting the truth out into the world about a better way to be healthy and live a more full and complete life. 

When Dr. Siegel interviewed Donald Trump, he learned that Trump had to be sharp in order to deal with the leaders of the world. His interview with Trump went viral.
Dr. Siegel shared with me to:

“Be humble.”
“Be true to your words.”
“Find your major skill and stick to it.”
“Have respect and kindness.”

When I met Evander Holyfield, I was impressed by how modest and shy he is. His mother’s advice to him was to listen, follow directions and never quit.

The Holyfield philosophy is:
“Life is about believing.”
“Love is the key to success.”
“Love people for who they are and not who you want them to be”
“God loves you for who you are. If you have the love of God, you can love everyone.”

I met superstar Sylvester Stallone at a conference that I attended. We share an interest in health and fitness. Mr. Stallone has used hormones in the past and this is my specialty. It struck me how spiritual and caring Mr. Stallone is. He really cares about his audience and wants them to get the most out of his movies and appearances.

He is a very sensitive man who has to be extremely creative with writing great screenplays. I want to thank Mr. Stallone for all of his guidance and support and helping to make this book possible.

Dr. Joycelyn Elders grew up on a cotton patch. She went to college and, when an M.D. came to speak at her school, she decided that she would become a doctor. She was the eldest daughter of many children. She had been a physical therapist before she became a medical doctor. She worked under the Bill Clinton administration. Joycelyn said to me that she thinks that healthcare should be provided to everyone for free. She also believes that functional medicine and Integrative Medicine are very important.

I liked it best when she said, “We all suffer. It’s a part of life. If I can alleviate as much of that suffering as possible and allow more joy in a person’s life… that is what I was put here to do.” I couldn’t agree more.

Jenae Noonan is an interesting lady. She is a successful author and has a degree in child psychology. One of her books, Dream Chaser, teaches children how to pursue their dreams. What could be more important than that?

Janae Noonan’s philosophy is:
“Nothing is negative. Nothing is positive. It just is.”
“When you are getting punched in the face, emotions take over. So stay focused. Why? Why am I doing this? I need to remember the why.”
“When it starts getting hard, that’s when you know you’re doing good. Experts don’t think their stuff is good enough.”


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Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff, DC, DIBAK

    Dr. Oz said: “People Don’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care. And, People Don’t Want to Know What You Have to Say Until They Know You Care.”

    When I interviewed Dr. Oz, he explained that he had just lost his father recently, much like myself. Like my father and Dr. Drew’s father, Dr. Oz’s father had also not been very supportive of his career. His father wanted him to be like a traditional physician, who didn’t get involved with media issues. Dr. Oz’s father did not like it when people criticized Dr. Oz.

    Dr. Oz definitely did not see eye to eye with his father either. His father just couldn’t make any sense out of his media involvement.

    Dr. Oz believes that the father/son relationship should be different than it had been with his father. He does not want his son to follow blindly and listen to him. He wants his son to seek out and pursue what is best for him.  Dr. Oz believes that the father’s role is to push his son towards greater accomplishment and success. His father eventually let go of trying to make Dr. Oz into who he wanted him to be and, instead, allowed him to be himself.